Linksys MBE70 WRT Pro 7 FAQs

What is the Linksys MBE70 WRT Pro 7?The Linksys MBE70 WRT Pro 7 features 802.11be technology for fast speeds and a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor for smooth multitasking. It is integrated with OpenWRT 19.07/LuCI software, improving user experience with a web-based interface for easy router settings management and configuration.
What are the packaging contents?

The package contents are the following:


    • One Linksys MBE70
    • Quick Start Guide
    • One ethernet cable
    • Power adapter (12V, 2.5A)
Does it have indicator lights?The router has one status indicator light that provides information about its operation. 
How many ports does the router have? 

It has the following ports:


    • One 2.5 Gbps internet port
    • Four ethernet ports (1 Gigabit each port)
    • Power port 
What is the unlabeled button for?It is reserved for future use.
What is the warranty of the router?The warranty period is dependent on the country of purchase.
What’s the router’s weight and dimensions?

These are as follows:

    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.744 in x 3.744 in x 8.58 in
    • Weight: 2.096 lb

How do I set up the router?

Learn more.

What are the requirements for setup?All you need is an active internet connection.
What are the default settings?
  • The default IP address is
  • The default WiFi name is Linksysxxxxx where xxxxx represents the last five characters of the router’s serial number.
  • The default admin password is the same as the default WiFi password located at the bottom of the router.


How do I log in to the web interface of the Linksys MBE70?
Learn more.
Can I change the admin password of the router?Yes. The admin password can be changed in the router’s web interface.
How do I update the WiFi settings of the router?Learn more.
Does it support Linksys Velop Mesh technology?No.
How do I reset the router to its factory default settings?To reset the router to its factory defaults, press and hold the reset button, which is located at the bottom of the router, for about 5 seconds. Learn more.

How do I update the router’s Linksys firmware?Learn more.
Can I back up or restore the configuration file of the Linksys MBE70?Learn more.
Can I add a WiFi client using Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS)?No. WPS is not supported.
Can I set up Port Forwarding?Yes. Follow these instructions.
Where can I find detailed instructions for configuring the OpenWRT web interface?For advanced configuration steps or further details, visit or the OpenWRT User guide.

After connecting my Linksys MBE70 to my upstream router, the clients connected to the Linksys MBE70 are unable to access the internet. What should I do?The default IP address for the Linksys MBE70 is If your upstream network also uses the 192.168.1.x range, you'll need to change the Linksys MBE70's IP address. Start by disconnecting the internet cable from the router, then access the web interface to modify the settings.
How do I enable SSH Access?To enable SSH Access, go to the System menu and select the SSH Access tab. Review and adjust your settings as needed, then click Save & Apply to confirm. Additionally, you can manage SSH keys by clicking on the SSH-Keys tab and adding a new key if required.
Why aren't my devices detecting the 6 GHz radio (wifi2)?

Make sure your devices are Wi-Fi® 6e compatible to connect to the 6 GHz network. If they are, try renaming the wifi2 SSID for troubleshooting purposes. Additionally, consider either restarting the 6 GHz radio or bringing your devices closer to the router to enhance connectivity. Refer to the Wireless section in the router's interface for detailed WiFi settings configuration.


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