How to check if automatic firmware updates are turned ON

This article will guide you on how to check if automatic firmware updates are turned ON using both the web interface and the Linksys app of your Linksys LN1100 and LN1200.

Web interface
Linksys app


Web interface

Log in to the web interface of your Linksys LN1100.

2. Click on Connectivity.


3. On the Basic tab, make sure that the Automatic box is checked to receive future firmware updates.

You can also view the current firmware version on your parent and child nodes. 


4. To check if there is new firmware, simply click on Check for Updates. If a new firmware is available, proceed to update it.

You will temporarily lose your WiFi connection during the update process. Do not disconnect any of your nodes, wait until your nodes have a solid white light again.

5. Click Yes.



6. Once completed, click Ok.



Linksys app

Log in to the Linksys app.

2. Tap on the menu 
sf59203-005_en_v1.png icon on the upper left-hand side.

3. Tap on Network Administration.


4. Make sure Automatic Firmware Update is enabled. To check the firmware version of your routers, tap on Nodes.


5. Tap on each node to check the firmware version of each one. 


Look for the Firmware Version.


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