Setting up the Linksys OpenWRT router

Before you begin:



Follow these steps to set up your Linksys router:


1. Connect the Linksys router from the Internet port to your modem or internet source.


2. When the router detects an internet connection, the light will turn solid white.




Light did not turn white?


If the indicator light remains solid red, it means the router has no internet connection and you may need to change the router's internet settings.


3. Connect a computer to the default SSID of the router or to one of the ethernet (LAN) ports. The router's WiFi credentials are located at the bottom.




4. Launch a browser, enter "" in the Address bar, and hit [ENTER].


If you encounter a browser error such as the one shown below, follow these instructions to proceed.




5. Enter "root" as the username and enter the unique router password (default SSID password) located at the bottom of the router.




You have now landed on the dashboard.




Explore more Linksys MBE70 articles. For advanced configuration steps or further details, visit or the OpenWRT User guide.

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