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Linksys Aware is being discontinued. Current subscribers can continue to use the service until July 31st 2024. New subscriptions or renewals will no longer be available.




What is Linksys Aware?Linksys Aware is a premium subscription service that provides whole-home motion detection for tri-band mesh WiFi systems. You can set a sensitivity level matching your home and lifestyle, and you can also get notifications when motion meets or exceeds that level. This requires a tri-band mesh router (parent node) with the Linksys Aware update and at least one child node that is connected to it via WiFi. You don’t need additional hardware or apps.
How does the technology work?Mesh WiFi blankets your home with WiFi radio waves. Linksys Aware can use changes in those WiFi radio waves to determine when things are moving inside your home. Motion is defined as the intensity and overall magnitude of changes in radio waves with respect to time. This feature works best if all nodes in your WiFi are positioned around the midpoint of the vertical height of rooms in your home.
What are the product requirements?The requirements for the Linksys Aware feature are as follows:
  • Latest Linksys app
  • A Linksys cloud account
  • A parent node. The parent node must be one of the following (hardware version 1 or version 2):
  • A0301
  • A0302
  • A0303
  • WHW0301
  • WHW0301B
  • WHW0302
  • WHW0302B
  • WHW0303
  • WHW0303B
Supported Motion devices such as child nodes in your network or compatible smart home devices.
To determine location-specific motion, you need three or more devices. The parent node (one Linksys WHW03xx or A03xx) and at least two or more WiFi devices (either child nodes or smart home devices).

For generic motion sensing, you can use one Linksys WHW03xx or A03xx parent node and at least one or more WiFi devices.
At the moment, non-tri-band nodes can report motion, but smart home devices connected to those nodes cannot report motion. Only one subscription to Linksys Aware is allowed for one network under one account.
How do child nodes report motion detection back to the parent node? 

Each Linksys Aware-compatible node acts as a transmitter and receiver. Once motion is detected by a node, it transmits the signal to the closest compatible node available in the network (which also acts as a receiver).

Does motion detection work on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands?Yes. It works on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
Is there a way to determine which node reported the motion data?Yes. You must have three or more devices added to the Linksys Aware feature to determine location-specific motion.
If I share a wall with my neighbor, can Linksys Aware detect my neighbor’s activity?That is possible if the sensitivity level is not adjusted properly. If the sensitivity level needs to be adjusted, you can change it in the Linksys Aware Settings screen.
Will Linksys Aware work if I have a mesh network that includes a parent tri-band node and other models in my network?Yes. Other non-WHW03 or A03 child nodes will report motion. However, any device that is connected to that node will not report motion.
I have a Linksys tri-band mesh router as my parent node, but why don’t I see Linksys Aware in the Linksys app?Linksys Aware will not appear in the Linksys app until your node has the latest firmware and your mobile device has the latest version of the Linksys app.

How do I subscribe to Linksys Aware?

You can subscribe to Linksys Aware through the Linksys app.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Linksys Aware?A Linksys Aware subscription costs $2.99 per month. You can start with a 90-day free trial.
How do I set the amount of time between Motion Alerts?
The Motion Alerts feature allows you to set how long the system waits before sending the next motion notification. To set the amount of time between motion alerts in the Linksys app, tap Settings > Current Schedule.
How do I create a schedule to receive motion alert notifications?Linksys Aware has a scheduling feature that allows you to create schedules when you want to receive motion alerts. To create a schedule for motion alerts in the Linksys app, tap Settings > Create New Schedule.
How do I adjust the motion sensitivity of Linksys Aware?You can adjust the motion sensitivity settings in the Linksys app.
Can I transfer or cancel my Linksys Aware subscription?Once subscribed, you can manage your account (transfer or cancel it) in the Account section of the Linksys app.
How do I turn OFF Linksys Aware notifications on a specific mobile device?You can turn OFF Linksys Aware notifications on your iOS or Android™ devices in the Notifications or Apps section.
Will Linksys Aware work if my child nodes are wired into the network?Linksys Aware will not work on wired child nodes. You can either add other smart home devices or make your nodes go WiFi.
If a WiFi client with Linksys Aware is connected to a wired node, can the client report motion?Yes. The WiFi client can report motion but not the wired node.

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