Resolving browser error when logging into a Linksys router using an HTTPS connection

When you attempt to log in to your router using an HTTPS connection like, you may run into a warning because browsers will look for signed security certificates associated with the websites you are trying to visit. Your router is not a website and does not have that type of certificate. However, there is no need to be concerned since your connection is secure and encrypted. This error only occurs when accessing a router using an HTTPS connection.

This article will show you how to resolve the browser error when logging in to the router. Follow the steps below for the browser you are currently using.

NOTE: The default IP address depends on the model number of the router.



Google Chrome™
Microsoft Edge®

Step 1:
Click Advanced.
Step 2
Click Proceed to (unsafe).
Step 1:
Click on the Advanced... button.
Step 2
Click Accept the Risk and Continue.
Step 1
Click Advanced
Step 2:
Click Continue to (unsafe).
Step 1
Click on Show Details.

Step 2:
Click on visit this website.
Step 3
A prompt will display to confirm that you want to visit the website. Click Visit Website.

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