Points to remember when connecting your Ring Doorbell to your Linksys router or Velop system

I am connecting my Ring Doorbell to the Wi-Fi and the Ring App is telling me that I entered the wrong password, but I'm pretty sure that I typed the right one.  What should I do?
When connecting devices like the Ring Doorbell to your Linksys router or Velop system, here are things to remember:
1.  Wi-Fi SSIDs and passwords
Make sure that you are connecting to the correct SSID and typing the right password.
- Most passwords are case-sensitive.  This means you need to check if one or more of the letters are in upper or lower case.
- If your password contains special characters (such as *,@,$, or #) these may also cause issues upon initial installation.  To work around this, you can:
  • Temporarily change the Wi-Fi password on your router or Velop
  • Create a temporary Guest Wi-Fi for setup
  • Temporarily use someone else's Wi-Fi network for setup
NOTE:  After your Ring Doorbell has been set up, it will prompt for a firmware upgrade and special characters on your Wi-Fi password will no longer be an issue.
2.  Wi-Fi obstructions, distance, and network traffic
Walls, floors, furniture, and appliances can all block Wi-Fi signals.  To improve performance, try the following:

- Move your router or Velop in an open space.  Preferably not in between walls similar to the image below.
User-added image
- Make sure your router or Velop is not too far from the Ring Doorbell.
User-added image
- Free up your Wi-Fi.  If too many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi, these may slow your connection to the Ring Doorbell.  Disconnect devices you seldom use and connect heavy-use devices via wired connection (through ethernet).
User-added image
3.  Router or Velop Firmware updates

Firmware updates are bug fixes and functionality enhancements for your router or Velop.  If the router connects well, so will your Ring Doorbell.

Click the links below to learn how to upgrade the firmware of your Linksys router or Velop. 

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