Configuring Internet Connection for the Linksys Gigabit VPN router using manual setup

There are two ways to configure the router for Internet Connection:
  • By using the Setup Wizard, for instructions click here.
  • Through manual setup.  
This article will guide you on how to configure the router for internet connection using manual set up.
Step 1:
Access the router’s web-based setup page.  For instructions, click here.
Step 2:
On the web-based setup page, click Configuration >  Setup > Network.

Step 3:
Enter the Host Name and Domain Name required by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

NOTE:  If your ISP does not require a Host Name and a Domain Name, just leave the fields blank instead.
Step 4:
Select the type of addressing for your network under IP MODE.  In this example, we will use the default Dual-Stack IP settings.  Then, click the  button.
Step 5:
Under the WAN SETTING option click on the Configuration icon.

Step 6:
Select your WAN Connection Type then click Save.
NOTE:  In this example, we used Obtain an IP automatically for the WAN Connection Type.

NOTE:  If you need to change the LAN IP address of the router, under LAN Setting click on the Edit icon and make the necessary changes.

NOTE:  By default, the settings under LAN SETTING section are the following:
  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • VLAN ID: 1
Step 7:
To change the router’s Password.  Click Configuration > Setup > Password to set the router administrator Username and Password.  
NOTE:  It is strongly recommended to change the default Username and Password (admin/admin).  This is to avoid any compromise with regards to your network security. 
QUICK TIP:  The Password Strength Meter describes how secure your password is.  The higher the meter, the more secure it becomes. Use a combination of upper-case letters, lower-case letters and numbers to maximize the strength of your password.
Step 8:
Click Save.
Step 9:
To change the Time setting.  Click Configuration > Setup > Time to configure the System time for the router depending on your preference.
NOTE:  This option is used know the exact time of event occurrences that are recorded in the System Log, and the time of closing or opening access for Internet resources.
Step 10:
Click Save.
Congratulations!  You have now successfully set up your Linksys VPN router.

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