Classic Micro Router 6 Linksys Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router


Classic Micro Router 6 Linksys Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router

SKU: LN3111

Classic Micro Router 6 Linksys Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router

SKU: LN3111
  • Gigabit Internet - Unleash gigabit WiFi speeds without breaking the bank.
  • Upgrade your WiFi - Enhance your connectivity to seamlessly stream, work, and engage in video chats without any compromises with WiFi 6.
  • Reliable WiFi coverage - Blaze through with 3000 Mbps WiFi speed, blanket your home with WiFi coverage up to 2500 sq ft., and effortlessly connect 30+ devices.
  • Easy setup - Quick and hassle-free setup in under 10 minutes.
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Warranty Information: 1 Year Warranty and Support 
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Upgrade to WiFi 6

Enhance your connectivity for the whole family to simultaneously stream, work, and engage in video chats without any compromises.

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4X more capacity than WiFi 5

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100% backward compatible

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Faster speed with more WiFi bandwidth

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More Reliable

WiFi Coverage

Pervasive WiFi coverage up to 2,500 square feet with adjustable antenna and beamforming and connects to 30+ devices.

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Your Privacy & Security

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Your Privacy

  • Linksys does not use your data for machine learning​ or artificial intelligence.
  • Linksys does not track your application usage or online activity.​
  • Linksys products and application do not use tracking cookies​.
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Your Security

  • The latest and cutting-edge WPA3 WiFi security protocol support.
  • Automatic firmware updates for the latest security patches to the Router.
  • Unique admin password keeps your router secure.​
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Safe Browsing

Free safe browsing blocks:

  • Malicious websites
  • Phishing websites.
  • Violent content
  • Illegal content
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Daily Schedules

  • Set daily bedtime for your children​’s devices to help them find a healthy digital balance.

Easy Setup & Gigabit Connections

Easy Setup & Control

The Linksys App makes it easy to set up your WiFi in under 10 minutes*. Adjust and access all settings at your fingertips using the free Linksys App. It’s easy-peasy.​

Gigabit Connections

Support Gigabit plans from your ISP.

Gigabit ports to connect your wired devices such as gaming console, printers, desktops, network storage to WiFi network.

Requires customer-paid active internet connection, modem, and compatible iOS or Android mobile device, available ethernet port, nearby power outlet, and the Linksys App.     

Extra nodes may be needed for some homes. When expanding the network of your CognitiveTM Mesh router, additional Linksys routers or nodes must have CognitiveTM Mesh technology.     

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Speed reflects maximum combined WiFi speeds across all radios per IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Range estimates are based on performance test results. Actual speed, performance and range will vary, and maximum supported speeds will not be available to all customers due to conditions and variables like building materials and construction, volume of network traffic, mix of wireless products used, interference, your wireless device’s WiFi standard, wireless obstructions, and external factors.    

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