• A Professional Technician comes to your home, at a convenient pre-set appointment
  • Troubleshoot your existing home network OR connect and secure up to wired/wireless devices to an already functioning network
  • In Home Support provided by Installs inc, LLC, a company with which Cisco has contracted to provide this support

In-Home Support

ISP/Network Troubleshooting

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Installs In-Home Support

Troubleshooting An Established Home Network

This offering provides in home troubleshooting by a professional technician of an existing and previously functioning broadband account OR connecting up to two devices (wired or wireless) to an existing, functioning network at a convenient pre-arranged appointment. This may include obtaining the necessary Internet Service Provider (ISP) settings from you, and/or confirming your system and ISP passwords.

The Professional Technician will:

Do one of the following two options:

  • Troubleshoot the router to include all wired connections, wireless connections, and WEP/WPA security key, or

  • Connect up to two devices, wired or wireless, to an existing, functioning network.

Provide a checklist-driven basic review of completed work.

Because each situation is unique, there is no set time to complete this support. Typically technicians are onsite at the customer's location between 1-1.5 hours. Please keep in mind though, because each specific job is unique, the actual time that the technician will be onsite may vary. Prior to leaving, the technician will obtain customer sign-off on the work order after the basic review of completed work.

Customer Responsibilities:

An adult over the age of 18 must be present during the entire time the technician is onsite.

  • Customer must provide all equipment and cables needed for the installation.

  • All equipment/PC's must be in working order, free of viruses, with a bootable operating system.

  • An existing broadband account must be available and working properly, including any hardware that is currently in the home such as a modem, router or access point.

  • Customer must also be able to provide (if necessary) any ISP settings and passwords, as well as any system passwords.

  • If technician arrives at the home and determines that these responsibilities are not met such that the technician can not complete the work, then the customer will be charged a service call.

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  John Miranda from Syracuse, NY
The Most Productive "Help Desk Call" Ever, January 24th, 2013
I recently purchased a Linksys 6500 and had several questions that FAQs did not answer. I was very frustrated with the amount of time and effort it was taking to solve these issues and therefore, my opinion of Linksys was starting to drop like a rock. I don't think Linksys (Cisco) bothers with usability testing. Then, while hunting around on the Linksys website, I discovered the link to a "new" Linksys home support service, clearly designed to make a support call a positive experience. The technician who helped me, Chiqui, was outstanding. Far from reading a script, she actually knew what she was doing, had to take control of my PC, and solved not one, but multiple issues, even a tangentially related one I had not called about, but "just mentioned". Chiqui appeared to have little pressure to get off the phone; more than that, she was genuinely interested in assisting me. In my 30+ years of struggling with the added complexities of Microsoft "open architecture" products, without a doubt, Chiqui provided the most productive and pleasant "help desk call" I have ever experienced.