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  • Keep your kids safe online
  • Parental controls for your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router to protect your family from pornography, security threats and non-family friendly sites
  • Eliminates threats at the router, so all devices on the network are protected
  • Only $2.99 - no expensive subscription fees

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi App
Block the Bad Stuff for iOS
Parental Control Filtering

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Easily add one-touch filtering and security to your entire wireless network with Block the Bad Stuff app.

Kids just keep getting smarter and smarter, as they are introduced to technology so young. Once they have the freedom to get online they can find just about anything. A lot of what they might find online may not be what, you as a parent, want them to be subjected to. It's time to Block the Bad Stuff.

Block the bad Stuff App for Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Routers

Easily manage the three levels of filtering and on/off protection using your Apple iOS mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) from anywhere.

Block The Bad Stuff Smart Wi-Fi App Warning Screen Browser

Block The Bad Stuff Smart Wi-Fi App Warning Screen iPhone iPad

You can protect your family from accessing sites with vulnerable security, websites with adult content and any other sites you find to be unfriendly for your family. Quick and easy set-up through the new Linksys EA6500 Smart Wi-Fi Router as well as the Linksys EA4500, EA3500, andEA2700.

Filtered sites are automatically and continually updated by Norton™ ConnectSafe, a service provided free for personal and home use by internet security industry leader Symantec.

This app was created by Fresh Consulting through the Linksys Developer Community. You can learn about other apps that enhance the functionality of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Routers by visiting the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Apps page..

Get the Block the Bad Stuff App for only $0.99 at the Apple iTunes App Store. Make sure to create your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi online account at www.linksyssmartwifi.com to be able to activate this app through your Smart Wi-Fi Router after you install it on your Apple iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

Compatible Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers: Linksys EA6500, Linksys EA4500, Linksys EA3500, Linksys EA2700
Mobile OS: Apple iOS for iPhone, iTouch, iPad
App Developer & Support: Fresh Consulting
Average Review: Number of reviews: 5
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  Suzzette Renau from Houston, TX
Best solution out there to protect family & network, December 11th, 2012
This app and its ability to block porn and other bad sites from entire network and every device including computers, itouch, iphone, ipad, kindle.....is just wonderful. Now I don't have to worry about my two children (11 and 14) seeing adult content. All blocked. This is very helpful for my kids' friends as well, who use our wifi, because their devices are kept safe. Looked at other products like NetNanny, but they only protect computers and expensive. This is best solution, highly recommend. As a parent, best reason to buy new linksys smart router.

  Ron Witchey from NC
Simple and Easy it's a must have!!!, December 12th, 2012
Very simple parental controls app. Three levels of filtering using Norton ConnectSafe web site database/servers. A must have for parents to protect the kids when online. NetNanny was another solution I looked at, but very expensive. $40 per year for PC or MAC and no solution for iphone, itouch or ipad. This solution from cisco much better value, bought ea2700 smart router for $90 and paid 99 cents for this app. Great protected home network deal for one time price of $91

  Sierra173 from USA
Easy easy. Very happy., December 12th, 2012
Awesome that there aren't a whole bunch of settings. Does just what I wanted. Any changes are instantaneous. And I can make changes remotely. Nice.

  Kitchen PC from USA
Fantastic!, December 11th, 2012
The perfect setup - protection for the whole home and simple to use - we setup a "2" level for our home for my 9 and 11 year old sons. Best thing to happen to connected homes with kids.....maybe ever!

  BD20000900 from USA
Easy to use and serves its purpose, December 11th, 2012
Love the approach and the elegant solution for blocking out the nasty.