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Linksys RE2000 Range Extender Wireless-N Dual Band

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Linksys RE2000
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Wi-Fi Everywhere - Increase Your Wireless Coverage

Easily increase the range of your current wireless router and network.

Linksys RE1000 RE2000 Extenders Diagram

Broad Compatibility

The Linksys RE2000 works seamlessly with all b/g/n Wi-Fi devices so you can connect all of the computers and devices around your home. For best performance, pair with any Wireless-N router from Linksys, Belkin or others.

Extended Range

Built with leading 802.11n wireless technology, the Linksys RE2000 provides reliable performance. Multiple MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antennas extend your router's wireless coverage into hard-to-reach areas of your home.

Ultimate Wireless Speed and the Power of Simultaneous Dual-Band*

2.4 and 5 GHz bands reduce traffic and maximize speed. Up to 300Mbps* data transfer on each band.

Peformance Investment Protection

Compatibility with Wireless-A (802.11a), Wireless-B (802.11b), Wireless-G (802.11g) and Wireless-N (802.11n) Wi-Fi Standards.

Flexible Placement

Wall outlet or desktop placement options allow you to optimize the location and position of your RE2000 to achieve best possible range and performance.

Ethernet Bridge

Includes two built-in Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) ports, which work as a wireless bridge to instantly connect any wired Ethernet device to your network.Extend the range of two wired devices.

Wi-Fi Security

Supports up to 128-bit encryption (WEP, WPA and WPA2).

Easy Setup with Router or Access Point

Support WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button for easy connection with wireless router or wireless access point.

Easy Computer Setup and Compatibility (PC & Mac)

PC - Easy to use CD setup wizard and compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista SP1/SP2 and XP SP3. Mac - Easy to use CD setup wizard and compatible with OS X Leopard 10.5.8 or later, Snow Leopard 10.6.1 or later, Lion 10.7 or later, or Moutain Lion 10.8 or later.

*Maximum performance derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual performance can vary, including lower wireless network capacity, data throughput rate, range and coverage. Performance depends on many factors, conditions and variables, including distance from the access point, volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, operating system used, mix of wireless products used, interference and other adverse conditions.


Support Operator
  • Cutting-edge technology from the networking leader
  • Easy setup
  • Best-in-class security
  • Award-winner 24/7 customer support
  • 1 year hardware limited warranty; 90 day complimentary assisted support (includes only technical phone support and live online chat support). Linksys online support resources are available 24/7


What Your Purchase Includes
  • Linksys RE2000 Wireless Range Extender N300 Dual Band 2.4 or 5 GHz
  • CD-ROM with Setup Software and Resources
  • AC Power Cord for table or desktop placement
  • AC Power connector cover
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick installation guide
  • Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 in


  • Model: Linksys RE2000
  • Technology: Wireless-N
  • Bands: Selectable 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz
  • Antennas: 2 Internal
  • OS Compatibility: Windows & Mac
  • Software Setup: CD Install


  • Wireless: Existing a/b/g/n wireless router or access point
  • PC: Wi-Fi enabled PC with CD or DVD drive, running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 or later, Windows 7, or Windows 8
  • Mac: Wi-Fi enabled Mac with CD or DVD drive, running OS X Leopard 10.5.8 or later, Snow Leopard 10.6.1 or later, Lion 10.7 or later, or Moutain Lion 10.8 or later
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8, Safari 5 (for Mac), Chrome, or Firefox 8 or higher for optional browser-based configuration

Average Review: Number of reviews: 17
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  A reviewer from Arkansas
Setup is not quite as transparent as expected, March 30th, 2014
After initial installation, I discovered that my Cisco Network saw, but didn't use my RE2000. I had to go to the control page and log in for further setting changes. It's not a big deal and the extender works well, it's just that it wasn't all that clear in the setup.

  Jerry Landry II, MCSE from Naples, FL
Very Disappointed, March 25th, 2014
Purchased three N300's for service in a very large home in Naples, FL. Right away one was bad out of the box and had to be returned. Shortly another stopped working and also had to be returned. The N300 would boost the signal but did not carry the Internet connection with it. Example: We would get 5 bars indicating strong connection to the extender, but no Internet connectivity whatsoever. Every CD-ROM installation ended with an error message indicating the setup did not complete successfully and to contact the support desk for possible assistance - when contacted the support desk could not understand how a strong signal couldn't carry the Internet connection with it. When we moved a laptop within range of the original Wi-Fi router, we got Internet no problem. The N300 just couldn't repeat the signal. Eventually all three had to be returned and we went with a NetGear extender and solved the problem right away. Personally I was very disappointed that Linksys-Cisco did not have a better solution to the problem, and even their problem chat-room had many unanswered questions related to lost Internet connectivity using the N300. We have always used Linksys-Cisco products in the past and this was the first time we have ever had a bad experience with tech support and with the product itself. We would try Linksys products in the future - but will never 'fight' with an installation like we had to do with this particular model!

  Rogelio E. Sabalbaro from Villanueva, Misamis Oriental, PH
Wonderful Performance, March 23rd, 2014
I received my unit packed with all the necessary wires for all type of power connections, wall plugs, EU or US with multiple voltages range to boot. Set up of the RE2000 extender is straightforward with a DVD-ROM drive, Wi-Fi enabled laptop using the DVD set up disk. It really extended the range of my dual band router to two hundred meters in my congested suburban area. Now I can bring my work to a more conducive location other than my cramped home-office. With the Linksys extender, I also got all areas in my two story home covered with strong Wi-Fi signal. Heavy streaming, multiple devices, furious gaming, it boosted the signal of my wireless Wi-Fi either on the 2.4 or 5Ghz bandwidth to otherwise inaccessible places, a must have for the casual and serious wireless users.

  Robert from Danville, CA
Can't access warranty, February 9th, 2014
Bought a Linksys range extender. It worked fine for about 2 weeks. It quit. I contacted the service support and they helped me reconfigure it and it started working again...but only for about an hour. Called again, and the troubleshooting steps got so complicated, (WAY over my head), so basically my $80 was thrown away. Since the troubleshooting can't be completed, (they say I need to contact my wireless router manufacturer), I'm stuck with an inoperable extender. I'm confident the extender is simply bad and should be replaced, but I can't get that far in the troubleshooting process.

  A reviewer from United States
unable to enable range extender, February 28th, 2014
I had this unit for almost two weeks now and still trying every steps to get it working and I am about to give up and will return the unit. I called for help and the technician that was assigned to me was of no help. did not even try to find out what problems I am having. All she was saying is my I need to get an IP address from my net gear but I am trying to connect this range extender to the EA6900 that I purchased along with the extender. I did not have a problem setting up the router but the extender was of no avail.

  A reviewer from Seattle, WA
Difficult to Set Up; Questionable Value; Decent Support, February 5th, 2014
This is something that seemed like a good idea when we ordered it, but after considerable trouble getting it to work, we're still not sure it was worth the money. It hasn't really improved things in the house, and I had not realized that the range extender split the signal, so in a way, any gain was negated. When the weather warms up, we'll see if it helps with the iPad in the back 40! On the other hand, I have always found Linksys support to some of the very best in the tech world--and this goes back at least 15 years.

  A reviewer from Suffield CT
Easy Setup Great results, January 22nd, 2014
Have a 2 story house 4500 sq ft. Wireless set up on 2nd floor and had trouble with signal strength on 1st floor - used the Re2000 and now have excellent signal strength on all of first floor

  A reviewer from mississippi
now I can mountain bike with wifi!, January 16th, 2014
I had a dead spot I couldn't keep the wifi signal and I get two bars now! (concrete blocks and cement was blocking it) I just hooked it straight to my computer with an ethernet cord and manually put the name of my network, security key (password) and what type of...crap you know the wep/2 wep personal..yada yada. Before you unhook your modem router to hook up the extender to your computer, get all the info off your modem/router first. Then just go plug it into a socket where the wifi weakens...Seriously, I love this product!

  A reviewer from Bailey, CO
Extender works fairly well, January 7th, 2014
The extender does do what it is intended to do. The only problem is on a dual wireless is that one has to separate the two frequencies into separate bands. This requires one setting up each wireless device to one band or the other and the RE2000 can only be set up for one of the bands!

  A reviewer from Oklahoma City, OK USA
Great product - easy installation!, January 6th, 2014
Installed RE2000 on wifi with 2 desktops and 1 laptop. It significantly improved reception all over my house. Since I already had my router set up, the manual installation was a snap. Would recommend this range extender to family and friends.

  A reviewer from Point Richmond, CA
Difficult setup great results, November 2nd, 2013
It took a long (2+ hour) support phone call to set up. Eventually settled on manual setup rather than using the CD. Manual was easy and fast. Placed it so that a dead spot now has great reception using both IPad and Android phone. Really happy with the final results.

  martin sampson from Austin TX
better than expected, October 4th, 2013
the range extender has taken care of the entire end of the house that had very bad interference for Wi-Fi. now any of the devices connect immediately and we have a minimum of 54 rating everytime

  A reviewer from Eagle, ID
Lost without it!, September 30th, 2013
The RE2000 allows me to get the wi-fi signal in an otherwise dead area. Just plug it in and you're set.

  A reviewer from Laguna Niguel, CA
Really helped extend the range throughout our property, September 2nd, 2013
Was pleasantly surprised with the signal quality even at the edges of our property. Fantastic reception that allows great streaming and high volume email no matter where we are.

  A reviewer from NYC
MY REVIEW, May 26th, 2013
i live n a 3 story house all my network products are linksys,tried netgear adapters,they keep losing the connection to my router which is the ea6500[love it],bought the ac media connector,re2000,wet610,all products a go,the re2000 is the best,my computer is located on the 3rd floor and the 5g signal was the worst until i got the re2000,now i have full bars for signal,only wish this unit was a AC signal extender,but overall A+ for all my products,please dont get those netgear adapters they keep dropping the connection,linksys adapters stay connected and have a good range on my 3rd floor,[linksys put out a AC range extender]

  Pablo Emilio Contreras Miilan from Merida, Venezuela
My On Line Stress is over, After I bought the RE2000, July 10th, 2013
The houses in Venezuela are made out of Bricks and concrete, FE2000 was the only solution to enjoy a perfect Wi-Fi all over our home, I´m a happy Man after that... My Wife and Daugthers are even more happier.... ¡Keep it up with this kind of products... Two Thums Up for Linksys!

  A reviewer from Atlanta, GA
Works Great!!!, April 7th, 2013
Bottom line my RE2000 range extender is finally setup and now works well for me. Using my iPad in my bedroom, well away from my wireless router, has gone from a flakey 1-2 of 3 bars to a solid 3 of 3 bars. The bandwidth reductions that caused the iPad video to be blurry has vanished. No more total dropouts that made the iPad useless sometimes. However, getting the RE2000 setup was very frustrating initially because I had to resurrect and reconfigure an old wireless laptop to host the setup software. This was not made clear in the marketing literature. My laptop wireless had always worked well but the RE2000 instructions required me to delve deep to change the wireless to turn on the right Microsoft Wireless Service using the Device Manager. Not an impossible task but why put users through all these hoops? You would think a company with the router background of Cisco would have figured all this out long ago so that all that would be necessary. Setup would simply be to plug the little box in and provide a secure ID on the home network from any computer on the network. Well, Cisco hasn’t figured it out but in all fairness no one else has either. With a well-defined communications protocol I can’t figure out what’s so hard about a truly automated setup. It should be like shooting fish in a barrel. (I was a design engineer for years and never had the luxury of externally-defined protocols but had to define our own and get the things working with sweat and tears.) I’m sure they’ve tried hard to make it easy because the product return rate must really cut into their profit margins. Again though, bottom line is that it now works well for me and I am (finally) a happy camper. Praise Jeebus.

Response from Customer Service:
Hello reviewer from Atlanta, GA

So happy to hear how happy you are to be a Linksys RE2000 owner. We appreciate your wonderful review and feedback.

I'm sorry about the frustration you've experienced with the RE2000 setup. Our Linksys Support Team has posted a dedicated page on our Linksys support site to help with setup and other frequently asked questions. The Linksys RE2000 support page has a setup video, live chat, user guides, downloads, forums and much more. It is a complete support resource for Linksys RE2000 range extender.

Here is the link

Best Regards
Linksys Store Team

  A reviewer from Anaheim, CA
Another happy customer, April 16th, 2013
Setting up the unit was easy. I turned off the WiFi on my laptop, connected this unit directly to the laptop with the included cable and used the IP address to set it up. After setting up the unit, I then plugged it into the wall in my dining room and my 5 ghz wireless connections are better than ever. Very happy with the product.